Frequently Asked Questions


Graduate Students

The Fall online open enrollment period for Graduate students is 6/3/19 – 9/3/19.

GRADUATE STUDENTS:  The email you received from UT Southwestern included the Promo Code under the ‘Enrolling in AcademicBlue’ section of the email.  If you have failed to retain your email communication, please contact and the institution will provide the Promo Code to you.


Medical and Health Professional Students

NOTE:  All Medical and Health Professions Students will be automatically enrolled in the health insurance plan unless a waiver is submitted online.  You will only need to take action if you choose to enroll your dependents.

You can add your dependents by using the forms listed during the open enrollment periods.

The Fall open enrollment period to enroll in dental and/or to enroll dependents is 6/3/19 – 9/3/19. Health Professional students can also enroll in medical coverage.



Continuation and Qualifying Event Enrollment Forms (All Students)


Additional Vision Coverage

This service is not administered by Academic HealthPlans.